Writing DSP Objects

In my last article I talked about the structure of the Jamoma Platform.  That’s a bit abstract to be of much direct use.  A primer on how to write a DSP object seems to be in order. So… let’s imagine we want to write a simple unit generator for audio processing.  One of the simplest filters […]

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Refactoring Jamoma

Over the last several months I haven’t been writing much in the way of prose.  Instead I have been working on the Jamoma 0.5 release, a consulting project built on top of the Jamoma DSP layer, and developing a graphics library to support a new version of Hipno.  Now, at the end of these projects […]

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Hi. I’m Tim Place and 74 Objects LLC is my small company focusing on design and architecture for interactive systems in music and the arts.  This largely means the design and architecture of software and hardware that constitutes such systems.

I’ve created interactive installations leveraging electronics with custom-built sensors, actuators, micro-controllers, networking, spatialized sound, and custom-made cabinetry.  I’ve taught full semester courses on these subjects at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Kansas City Art Institute.  Besides co-founding Electrotap, I’m also an active Cycling ’74 insider.  At 74Objects.com you’ll find my thoughts, reflections, and insights on these topics and how these topics intermingle with the general software development and business worlds.

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