Hipno was a set of 42 Unique Plugins featuring “Mesmerizing controller interfaces, matched with creative audio processing”.  The plug-ins were inspired in part by a quote at disciplineglobalmobile.com that reads:

Efficiency: the right amount of the right quality of energy, in the right place at the right time, doing what is right.
Hipno was developed by Timothy Place along with Jesse Allison and Nathan Wolek through Electrotap, and released in the Summer of 2005 by Cycling ’74.   These links point to the initial press information distributed at the NAMM 2005 show:
Sadly, Hipno was discontinued due to the underlying technology on which it relied (Pluggo) being discontinued.  This was announced on the Electrotap Blog, where the current status of Hipno has been updated through blog comments.

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Hi. I’m Tim Place and 74 Objects LLC is my small company focusing on design and architecture for interactive systems in music and the arts.  This largely means the design and architecture of software and hardware that constitutes such systems.

I’ve created interactive installations leveraging electronics with custom-built sensors, actuators, micro-controllers, networking, spatialized sound, and custom-made cabinetry.  I’ve taught full semester courses on these subjects at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Kansas City Art Institute.  Besides co-founding Electrotap, I’m also an active Cycling ’74 insider.  At 74Objects.com you’ll find my thoughts, reflections, and insights on these topics and how these topics intermingle with the general software development and business worlds.

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