What is 74Objects?


Hello world.  I’m Tim Place and 74Objects is my new slice of the web focusing the architecture, design, and use of interactive systems.  Specifically I’ll focus on systems that aid musical and artistic expression.

My background will play a large part in the content for 74Objects, so let me introduce myself:  First of all, I’m trained as a musician and my academic work is all in composition (both acoustic and electronic).  I’m a doctoral candidate in composition.  My work with composition and performance systems led me deep into an environment called Max (though I also have interest in many other environments I have also used, such as PureData and SuperCollider).

I began writing objects for Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP in 1999 and have been a Cycling ’74 insider since 2005.  In addition to the work I’ve done on Pluggo and Max 5 I began distributing an add-on package of objects for Max called Tap.Tools in 2001.  In 2002 I released an environment made with Max called Jade, which formed the basis for the open-source Jamoma project.  Together with Nathan Wolek and Jesse Allison, I had the distinct pleasure of creating Hipno – a package of VST/AU/RTAS audio plug-ins marketed and distributed by Cycling ’74 starting in 2005.

In 2004 I co-founded Electrotap.  Electrotap is the reseller for my Tap.Tools objects, Stephan Moore’s amazing Hemisphere speakers, and also develops and manufactures sensors, a sensor interface called the Teabox, and some other goodies.  The Teabox and initial sensors were development by myself with Jesse Allison in 2004.

I’m a father.  I make furniture in my free time.  I do consulting.

This diversity of experiences puts me on all sides of the equation when working with Max: a user writing music and creating installations, a third-party developer of Max objects, a plug-in and application builder using Max, a business owner working out distribution with Cycling ’74, working on Max for Cycling ’74, and dealing with copy protection and encryption.  I hope this wealth of history will be put to good use through this site.

If you have any question or topics you’d like to see me answer or address, please leave them in the comments!

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