Custom Data-Types in Max Part 4: Passing Object Pointers

How do you pass data between objects in Max?  If the data is a simple number or a symbol then the answer is easy.  What happens when you are trying to pass around audio vectors, dictionaries, images, or some other kind of object?  The implementation of Jamoma Multicore for Max deals with these issues head-on […]

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Designing an Audio Graph

In previous articles about the Jamoma Platform and the Jamoma DSP Library, there have been references to Jamoma Audio Graph (also previously known as Jamoma Multicore).  Up to this point, Jamoma Audio Graph has not been significantly documented or written about.  The authoritative information has been an Electrotap blog post showing the initial prototype in 2008. […]

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Hi. I’m Tim Place and 74 Objects LLC is my small company focusing on design and architecture for interactive systems in music and the arts.  This largely means the design and architecture of software and hardware that constitutes such systems.

I’ve created interactive installations leveraging electronics with custom-built sensors, actuators, micro-controllers, networking, spatialized sound, and custom-made cabinetry.  I’ve taught full semester courses on these subjects at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Kansas City Art Institute.  Besides co-founding Electrotap, I’m also an active Cycling ’74 insider.  At you’ll find my thoughts, reflections, and insights on these topics and how these topics intermingle with the general software development and business worlds.

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